School Holidays Program

Want to get your kids and teens off the couch and off their screens these school holidays?

Sign your Tween or Teen up for our Fitter Futures School Holiday Program, designed to improve their fitness, strength, movement, mobility, stability, agility, and co-ordination! We will bring a positive impact on not only their physical capability, but their mindset and emotional wellbeing too.

3 hour "Tweens & Teens Training Camp" include:

  • Functional fitness and strength session to work on building strength, cardio fitness and endurance, while practicing good movement patterns mixed with some fun challenges - specifically designed for the age groups we are working with

  • Agility and field work drills to improve running and jumping techniques, lateral movement, footwork and speed (useful for lots of different sports and general co-ordination)

  • Dedicated mobility and flexibility workshop with our friends at Movement Vitality, including Stick Mobility and practicing techniques for mobilising and stretching the body


Mon 17th, Tue 18th, Wed 19th

9am - 12pm

TWEENS (8-12 yrs)

TEENS (12+ yrs)

After purchasing, please email to confirm the date & session (Tweens/Teens) you wish to book.

Hockey Clinics with Rosie Malone (Olympian & Hockeyroo)


  • TWEENS (8-11 yrs): 10:15am - 12pm
  • TEENS (12+ yrs): 12:30pm - 3pm

(Email us at if you would like to go on the waitlist for the Teens session).

  • Learn & practice hockey skills & drills with Rosie

  • Strength & conditioning that's FUN to improve agility, running, lateral movement, footwork, co-ordination and strength (designed for Tweens & Teens).

  • "Ask Me Anything" talk time with Rosie

  • Small group size (max. 20 participants)

Casual Sessions

Tweens & Teens 45 minute classes

If your child or teen can't participate in our 3 hour training camps, we also have our regular 45 minute classes as per the schedule below. After purchasing, email to confirm the date your child will attend.

TEENS @ 4:30pm - 5:15pm: Monday 17th January / Wednesday 19th January

TWEENS @ 4:30pm - 5:15pm: Tuesday 18th January / Thursday 20th January